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The holidays bring many different people together in celebration. By celebrating the Holidays with alcohol, or rather the overconsumption of alcohol can result in the intoxicated becoming reckless on the road.

Unfortunately, one-third of all traffic fatalities are caused by alcohol impairment. Not surprisingly, the majority of this statistic is within the confines of the Holiday season. “The period from Thanksgiving to New Year’s is a time when many drug addicts and alcoholics try to ignore their condition to participate in the camaraderie and festivities of family gatherings, company parties and the like. This behavior typically results in increased drug and alcohol abuse, especially among those who are already addicts,” explains Joe Floyd, CEO of The Pat Moore Foundation, a non-profit alcohol, and drug rehabilitation center. Aside from the festivities, on average 30 people in the United States die or are fatally injured by someone driving while intoxicated (“DWI”) every day!

By acting responsibly you can prevent accidents and even fatalities on the road by abstaining from consuming anything that impairs judgment before driving. The legal blood-alcohol limit for all drivers in the USA is no greater than .08. Even though this is the limit you can still get arrested for a DWI if the officer deems you unable to operate a vehicle due to intoxication. By maintaining sobriety you can not only help yourself from getting in harm’s way but also by helping others by being their designated driver.

Here at HolidaySoberRide.com we want to enable others with knowledge on the varying degrees of driving while intoxicated. Our goal is to apply this knowledge as wisdom to better enable others a safe passage to their desired destination. This website is your resource for obtaining the best information on how to steer clear of accidents caused by driving while intoxicated.